About ATL Federal Credit Union

ATL Credit Union was formed in 1956 by the employees of Associated Truck Lines. Eventually, the credit union opened its membership to new employees through ANR Transportation when they acquired Associated Truck Lines. In 1986, ATL Credit Union merged with the credit union serving the employees of Grand Rapids Transit Authority (GRATA, now known as the RAPID.) At this point in time, ATLCU was serving many members, all in some kind of transportation field. Long distance service became a specialty.

In 1998, ANR Transportation, ATLCU’s largest Select Employee Group (SEG) closed. A few years later, in 2006, ATLCU changed from a SEG credit union to a community credit union, serving anyone who lived or worked in Kent and Ottawa counties. Finally, ATLCU applied and was approved for a change of charter in 2010. With that came a change of name to ATL Federal Credit Union. The credit union now proudly serves the residents and workers of Kent County.