Online Bill Pay

Manage all your bills with one login

Online Bill Pay is the simple way to pay all your bills from your Online Banking Account.

How to enroll:

-Login to your Online Banking from our website

-Click the ‘Pay and Transfer’ icon

-Follow the steps to enroll and set up


You have questions. wE have answers.
What is the advantage of Online Bill Pay?

Online Bill Pay makes paying your bills more convenient. Everything is kept in one place, no need to login to multiple sites! You can also schedule your payments ahead of time. 

How much does Online Bill Pay cost?

Bill Pay is free to members who pay at least 2 bills per month.

What do I need to pay my bills online?

You will need an ATLFCU checking account and access to Online Banking. To get started, gather any statements of bills you wish to pay online. You will need the payees name, address, and your account number with them. Many of the companies you pay are already in Online Bill Pay so you will only need to select them from the list and put in your account information. 

Will bills be paid electronically or by paper check?

The answer is some of both. Most payments will be electronic but some billers are still unable to accept electronic payments. In those cases, a paper check will be sent. 

Who can I pay using Online Bill Pay?

You can pay anyone from your cable company to your babysitter. You can even make person-to-person payments using PTP.