Debit MasterCard

Enjoy the Benefits

Looks like a credit card, works like a check, and it’s safer than cash! Save money when you swipe your card and say “Credit!” Use it with a PIN at more than 30,000 Co-op ATM’s through the United States. In order to get an ATLFCU Debit MasterCard, you must have a checking account with us.

Access over 30,000 ATM’s

Card Controls at your fingertips

Spend securely using EMV Chip Technology 

Enabling Card Controls

This feature on our mobile app lets you manage your debit or credit card from the palm of your hand.  You can turn your card on/off, report a card lost or stolen, and get quick access to view your recent activity to help detect fraud. 

* Download ATLFCU’s Mobile App – First, you’ll have to download our mobile app on your Apple or Android mobile device. 

* Manage My Cards – From the bottom toolbar, select ‘More’ and ‘Manage My Cards.’

* Select the card – Here you will find a list of all your active debit or credit cards. You can temporarily lock your card or report it lost or stolen


You have questions. wE have answers.
What is EMV Chip Technology?

-EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, and VISA. An EMV chip card has a microprocessor embedded directly on the front of the card. The chip provides stronger transaction security features and other application capabilities that traditional magnetic strip cards do not possess. Although chip cards do not totally eliminate fraud, they provide additional security for our cardholders.

Why does ATL use chip technology for debit and credit cards?

-The chip provides an extra layer of protection and securely transfers account data from the chip to the merchant through a chip-enabled card reader. EMV is currently the global standard for payment processing that will soon become the standard in the United States.

How do I use my EMV chip card at the store?

-When you try to swipe the commonly used magstripe at a merchant’s chip-enabled POS terminal, you will be prompted by the terminal to use your card’s chip instead, if it has one. When instructed to do so, follow these general steps:

  • Instead of swiping your card, insert the chip end of your card – with the chip facing up – into the chip enabled terminal.
  • Leave your card in the terminal throughout the entire transaction and follow the prompts on the screen to complete the purchase. 
  • Remove your card when prompted and take your receipt.